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In Crimea, the detection rate of malignant neoplasms at stages I and II was about 61%

KrymPRESS reports:

More than 6,000 oncological diseases were detected for the first time in the Republic of Crimea in a 2022 year. The proportion of malignant neoplasms detected in the early stages over the past year was about 61%.

According to Elena Chirva, chief freelance oncologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea, skin cancer occupies a leading place in the structure of oncological diseases in Crimea. This is due to the territorial features of the peninsula — life in the sunny Crimea leads to high insolation (solar radiation).

In terms of gender-based identification, breast cancer is the most common among women, while lung and stomach cancer is the most common among men.

Elena Chirva focused on the fact that one should not refuse to undergo medical examinations and preventive medical examinations, since the main methods of cancer screening are provided for by these very professional measures.

Medical examination allows early detection of breast cancer with the help of mammography. Crimean medical organizations are well provided with mammographs, so we have a fairly good detection rate at stages I and II of this type of cancer. Cervical cancer can be detected during examination by a gynecologist and cytological studies of the mucosa. It is important for men to undergo prostate screening. Also, the clinical examination includes fluorography, which allows to detect neoplasms in the lungs , — says the specialist.

The chief Crimean oncologist also noted that since 2019 the Crimea has been participating in the regional project «Fight against cancer» of the national project «Health». Every year, within the framework of this project, specialized medical institutions are equipped with equipment. In addition, four ambulatory oncology care centers have been opened in the region, thereby reducing the time to diagnosis and increasing the availability of care for cancer patients.

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