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Likbez: extracts from the USRN. What are, how they differ and how much they cost

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Confirm the ownership of the apartment, find out how many owners it had, whether it is pledged to the bank, what is its cadastral value — in all these cases, experts of the portal Domklik , you will need an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate (EGRN). Getting it is still quite simple and fast — through the centers of public services «My Documents» or the Rosreestr website. However, from March 1 2023 of the year, after the adoption in July 2022 year of the law, the procedure will become more complicated.

Why do I need an extract

For different life situations, you need to order your own specific type of extracts. And they also cost differently.

An extract from the USRN will be required if you want to restore documents for an apartment, register at the place of residence, confirm your right to benefits, issue a property deduction, conduct a land survey, enter into an inheritance, receive a mortgage loan, privatize a property, divide property, provide for litigation relating to square meters.

What is USRN

This is the largest unified federal information system, which contains information not only about all real estate objects in Russia, but also about their owners. This electronic database allows citizens, organizations and authorities to quickly obtain information about the main characteristics of land plots, housing, non-residential premises.

Rosreestr (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography) is responsible for keeping this big data up to date.

How to get it

An extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate about a property can be ordered in several ways: through the My Documents public service centers, on the official website of Rosreestr and through the service of the Federal Cadastral Chamber. It is impossible to come to Rosreestr and receive a document.

In the first case, you need to contact any public services center with a passport (or other identity document) and fill out an application (it will be provided at the My Documents office). Immediately tell the center employee in what form the statement is needed — in paper or electronic. You will be given the details for paying for the service, you can pay there, and attach the supporting document to the application. The certificate will be ready within five working days.

You can also obtain an extract from the USRN in electronic form through the Rosreestr website. But in this case, the applicant must have an enhanced qualified electronic signature. If it is, go to the section «Providing USRN information» and select the type of statement «On the rights of an individual to his (owned) real estate objects.»

You will need the details of your passport (or other identity document) and SNILS (if available). When filling out the request form, indicate a specific region or make a note that the information is required «throughout Russia». Also mark what type of object you need to check: apartments, land plots or other, date or period for which you want to receive information. Then pay for the service and wait three business days.

The service of the Federal Cadastral Chamber allows you to get information about real estate in a few minutes. You just need to log in through the portal «Gosuslugi». You can search for objects by address or cadastral number.

    Who and what is allowed to know

    So far, according to the old rules, all USRN statements are divided into two types according to the level of access. For persons who are not connected in any way with a particular property, only publicly available data is provided upon request. This includes the potential buyer, as well as the owner’s non-owner’s relatives, realtors and representatives of the owner.

    But classified information can only be obtained by a limited circle of people: the owners themselves, law enforcement agencies, the court, bailiffs, notaries and authorities. This information:

      about the rights of the owner to the current and past properties on the content of the title document (that is, the document, thanks to which the owner received the property in ownership)

    on recognizing the copyright holder as legally incompetent

    about the persons who requested information about the property

What will change in 2023 year

July 2022 of the year, the law “On Amendments to the Federal Law “On Personal Data” and Other Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the Protection of the Rights of Personal Data Subjects” was published. According to him, the full name of the owner of the property and the date of his birth will be shown only to himself, his spouse, as well as to some employees of government agencies and notaries.

As stated in the explanatory note, personal data contained in the USRN can be provided to third parties only with the consent of the individual — the subject of such data. To do this, an appropriate entry is made in the Unified State Register of Real Estate Registration upon the application of the individual who has registered the right, restriction of rights or encumbrance on the real estate object, as well as upon making the appropriate mark in the application for state registration of the right.

There are several ways to give consent: personally visit the multifunctional center (MFC), send documents there by mail, apply electronically or in your personal account on the official website of Rosreestr, or through the public services portal.

In the absence of this record, information from the USRN can be provided only at the request of a notary acting on the basis of a written application of the interested person. The new rules come into force on March 1 2023 year.

And from January 1 2023 a new type of extract from the USRN is introduced. With the help of the document, it will be possible to find out whether a particular citizen has a mortgage loan and whether he rents out his property. Persons entitled to receive such an extract: heads of authorities, employees of the MFC, heirs of the owner and arbitration managers.

What statements can be issued right now

Statements with public data

Extract on the main characteristics and rights to the object

Such an extract will be needed for those who want to confirm their rights to property, are going to buy or rent housing and want to check it for encumbrances (whether the house is pledged to the bank or whether it has been seized).

The document indicates the main characteristics of the object (address, floor, area), its cadastral value, date of commissioning, date of completion of construction. Information about the current owner is not given in full if the request is made by someone else. It is impossible to find out who owned the object before him from this extract.

Cost — 10 rubles.

Statement on the transfer of rights to the object

This extract is suitable for those who want not only to confirm the rights to movable property, but also to find out who owned the object before it. It contains the dates of registration of transfers of ownership and indicates the documents on the basis of which these transfers were carried out — a certificate of the right to inheritance, a contract of sale or donation, a court decision, and others.

The extract will not indicate the cadastral value and information about pledges and encumbrances. Therefore, this view is not suitable for potential property buyers.

Cost — 10 rubles.

Property Statement

This extract is useful to those who want to know if the land is within the boundaries of the protected zone, if the house is included in the register of cultural heritage sites. It contains the most complete information about the characteristics of the object, including the exact location of its boundaries, possible restrictions on its use. This will allow you to understand which objects can be built and which cannot be built in a particular area.

Cost — 10 rubles

Extract on registered agreements for participation in shared construction (DDU)

Such an extract is needed when buying an apartment or premises in a house that is under construction. It contains information about the land plot, its owner (usually the developer himself), as well as about all participants in shared construction.

When buying an apartment by assignment of the right to claim (when a creditor, for example, who has taken a mortgage, transfers the rights to it to a new creditor), such an extract will help to find out how many objects in the house under construction have already been sold.

Cost — 450 rubles.

Statement of the cadastral value of the object

The cadastral value is needed to calculate the property tax. The cadastral value, unlike the market value, does not take into account the individual characteristics of the object, including the view from the window, the state of repair, electrical wiring, plumbing. And it is not always clear what the supervisory authority is guided by when estimating an apartment that costs everything on the market at 6 million rubles 05 million. So, from the USRN extract, you can find out on the basis of which such a cadastral value was determined.

By the way, the cadastral value of the object itself can be found out without ordering an extract — the data is available on the USRN.Register website. You only need to enter the address correctly.

Cost — 0 rubles.

Statements with restricted access information

A statement of the rights of an individual to the objects he or she has

This is one of the most requested types of extracts. From the document, you can find out if a certain person (physical or legal) has (or did) rights to real estate registered in the register. With it, you can confirm which objects the right holder owned during a certain period. This may be necessary when dividing property in court, privatizing it, in cases of tax disputes, inheritance disputes, and so on.

And if a person wants to register as in need of housing, an extract will help prove that he does not have rights to any real estate — in this case, a notice is issued about the absence of the requested information in the USRN.

Cost — from 10 to 2022 rubles (depending on the number of subjects of the Russian Federation for which you need to check).

Extract on recognizing the copyright holder as incapable or partially incapacitated

This document may be needed in litigation, in particular to confirm the legal capacity of a participant in a real estate transaction. If the transaction was made with an incompetent copyright holder (who did not understand his actions and was not aware of the consequences), then it will be considered invalid.

Cost — 450 rubles.

Extract on the content of title documents

This extract can be ordered if the original documents confirming the ownership of housing have been lost. It will contain information about the content of the title document.

Cost — 450 rubles.

Certificate of persons who received information about the real estate object

This document can only be obtained by the owner. The certificate will show information about individuals, legal entities, authorities who were interested in his real estate objects over the past three years.

Cost — 10 rubles.

Above, we have listed the most basic and popular types of USRN extracts that a citizen may need. If you need not to order, but to make changes to the USRN, then you can use the «Electronic Registration» service on the Domclick website.

Source: HomeClick

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