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March 8 — Polikarpov Day, International Women's Day, «sour girls»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Of course, at the present time we call March 8 mainly as International Women’s Day. The tradition, «born» in 1910 in Copenhagen, when Clara Zetkin invited women to fight for their rights, has taken root with us firmly. Meanwhile, before that in Rus’ there was a slightly different custom, emphasizing the nature of this day. In the old days, March 8 was called «Sour Girls»! It was believed that if a girl had not married before this date, then she would stay in her parents’ house for a long time. People who had not married for a long time were considered almost outcasts: on the one hand, they were pitied, and on the other, they were neglected.

In addition, March 8 in the church calendar is listed as Polikarpov’s day. In honor of St. Polycarp of Smyrna, who became a Christian bishop in the 1st century, and suffered for his faith.

As for weather signs, then:

  • Fast and high clouds — good weather.
  • Thick fog — the summer will be rainy.
  • The magpies have flown into the forest — it will soon be warm.
  • Sparrows make nests — the cold will not come again.
  • If you throw a straw into the snow on March 8, you can predict the weather. If she fell into a snowdrift, the snow will melt in a month.
  • If the magpies hid under the roofs, expect cold weather and snowfall.
  • Birds have arrived — there will be a lot of bread.
  • Rooks nest on the sunny side — summer will be cold and rainy.
  • A woodpecker’s knock is heard — spring will not come soon.
  • Tits sing loudly — warm weather will soon set in.
  • The finch screams on March 8 — there will be frosts.
Name days are now celebrated: Alexey, Alexander, Ivan, Kuzma, Clement, Moses, Mikhail, Sergei, Nikolai, Fedor.
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