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Oil depot in Sevastopol — drone strike

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Oil depot in Sevastopol. A fuel tank is on fire near Manganari Brothers Street in the Kazachya Bay microdistrict. According to preliminary information, the fire was caused by a UAV hit. All the necessary security services are on the scene. The area of ​​the fire is about 1000 square meters, the fire has been assigned class 4, information on the victims is being specified.

Razvozhaev — I work at the scene of an emergency, headed the operational headquarters. Together with the head of the main department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for Sevastopol, Alexei Anatolyevich Rokhlin, we control all work to eliminate the fire. Acting head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for Sevastopol, police colonel Alexander Gennadyevich Mikhailov and city prosecutor Maxim Sergeevich Zhuk are also on site.

None of the people were hurt. Please keep calm.

The situation is under the control of our firefighters and all operational services. There are 18 fire brigades at the site, 60 firefighters are valiantly fighting the fire, the arrival of a fire train is expected. Fire rank 4 is the most difficult of all possible. Since the volume of fuel is large, it will take time to localize the fire.

Nothing threatens civilian objects.

We are following the development of the situation.

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