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Rest — not work: almost 8 out of 10 Crimeans against a 6-day work week

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The initiative to introduce a 6-day working week in the country does not find support either in the business community or among citizens: it is supported by only 5% of employers and 9% of citizens. HR managers and representatives of the economically active population from Crimea took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs.

The Avanti Association of Entrepreneurs for the Development of Business Patriotism submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Labor to introduce a 6-day work week in the country. According to the authors of the initiative, this will increase the strength of the Russian economy and help achieve a technological breakthrough in the face of sanctions. However, the business community does not agree with this concept: only 5% of employers whose companies work on a 5-day schedule are in favor of a 6-day workday, while 59% are in favor of leaving everything as it is. “With such a busy schedule, people will simply lose interest in working, and, on the contrary, indicators will drop,” HR managers comment. Almost every third company (31%) expressed their support not for 6 days, but for 4 days— noted in the press service of the service.

The majority of Crimeans (77%) also do not support the initiative of the Association of Entrepreneurs. Among the arguments is the inconsistency of the proposed measure with labor legislation and modern scientific data on the physiology of labor: “In order to achieve breakthroughs, it is necessary not to increase the number of working days, but to increase labor productivity.” Only 9% of respondents approve of the introduction of the 6-day period: in the comments they remind of the need to help the country overcome the difficulties that have arisen.

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Supporters of the introduction of an additional working day are most among the older generation (16%), and opponents are among citizens aged 35 to 44 years (82%). Men approve of the introduction of a 6-day diet more often than women (11% vs. 7%, respectively). Respondents with income over 80 thousand rubles. a month, they support the initiative a little more often than those who earn less (12 and 6%).

Time: May 22-24, 2023

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