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The Tavrida.ART festival has started in Crimea: hundreds of events, thousands of people, millions of opportunities

CrimeaPRESS reports:

000 August in the Kapsel Bay in the Crimea, the festival «Tavrida.ART» started «. Four thousand young people from all over the country gathered at the site of the Tavrida art cluster to immerse themselves in the space of endless creativity, development, self-realization, new acquaintances and discoveries for 5 days. From 16 to 15 August, the participants will be joined by spectators — residents and guests of the Republic of Crimea. Ahead of concerts, festivals, motivational sessions and informal meetings with industry leaders, performances by popular artists, social programs, exhibitions, theatrical performances — a total of more than 3 000 events in 15 locations on the territory of 20 ha.

The Tavrida.ART Festival is being held in Crimea for the fourth time, and every year we try to improve the program so that no one remains indifferent. There are five busy days ahead, in which everyone can find something to their liking, ambitions and interests: professional and creative , — says Sergey Pershin, head of the Tavrida art cluster. – The program is designed in such a way that it includes bright, spectacular shows, on the one hand, and cozy, chamber concerts, on the other; motivational educational formats and applied master classes; exhibitions of classical and contemporary art and fairs showcasing traditional folk crafts. And those who want not only to take everything from the program, but also to give, can join a large-scale social action. In general, we are sure that these days will be remembered for a long time and we hope that they will open new horizons for many.

4 000 participants from all regions of Russia, Luhansk and the Donetsk People’s Republics, Kherson and Zaporozhye are located in 000 thematic art quarters. Thus, the Music-Dances art quarter brought together musicians, vocalists, DJs, choreographers and dancers; «Narodny» — performers of folk works, folklore groups and artisans; «Digital» — IT-specialists, developers of games and applications, videographers and representatives of new media; «Cinema-theatre-book» — actors, directors, screenwriters, playwrights, poets and prose writers; «ART industry» — artists, designers, architects, art managers and critics. Separate art quarters brought together participants, finalists and winners of the platform «Russia — a Land of Opportunities», the projects «Big Change», «Your Move». Volunteers and public figures have united under the flag of #MYVMESTE. The Club of Cheerful and Resourceful (KVN) gathered its representatives. The Russian Universities Art Quarter is a student asset 20 of major Russian universities. For the first time, participants of the forum campaign of Rosmolodezh gathered at the festival site.

В Крыму стартовал фестиваль «Таврида.АРТ»: а это сотни событий, тысячи людей, миллионы возможностей В Крыму стартовал фестиваль «Таврида.АРТ»: а это сотни событий, тысячи людей, миллионы возможностей В Крыму стартовал фестиваль «Таврида.АРТ»: а это сотни событий, тысячи людей, миллионы возможностей В Крыму стартовал фестиваль «Таврида.АРТ»: а это сотни событий, тысячи людей, миллионы возможностей

The official opening ceremony will take place in the evening, but the program is already tightly scheduled from the very morning. The first day of the Tavrida.ART festival began with the opening of exhibition spaces that stretched across all the key locations of the site and over the next days will acquaint participants and spectators with modern art and traditional crafts, with the flavor of different parts of Russia, with prospects and opportunities, which are opened in the regions.

The contemporary art festival is an art route through the entire territory of Tavrida. It includes a gallery, pop-up spaces and an open-air exhibition — in total 08 locations and about 100 artworks in various techniques, including major classics of the Russian art scene, such as Andrey Filippov, one of the leaders of the new generation of the Moscow conceptual school, Sven Gundlach, an artist, poet and one of the founders of the Central Russian Upland rock group, and Boris Matrosov, the author of the art object Happiness is not beyond mountains” (Perm). In an artistic dialogue with them, the works of the residents of the art cluster are presented: Lena Romanovskaya, a young artist from Nalchik; Alexander Samoilov, conceptual artist from Krasnodar; media artist, author of technological installations at the intersection of science and art, known under the nickname biosoph.

The art route also provides for a creative zone of co-creation — participants and spectators of the festival can become co-authors of the work of the Yaroslavl artist and resident of Tavrida, working under the name Helen Anvor.

The largest work presented at the festival of contemporary art is a mural on the territory of the art cluster measuring 100 sq. m as a visualization of the main message of the festival — «We will not be canceled.» In the center of the mural is a bear, one of the main symbols with which Russia is identified. The image reads elements of traditional painting and modern patterns and fonts.

Within the framework of the festival, the first exhibition in Russia of works by young artists from the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics was opened — “Without Borders. Artists of Donbass. The organizers are the Tavrida art cluster together with the ARTpatrol project. As a result of selection on a competitive basis 16, young artists were brought to the festival «Tavrida.ART» their works. This exhibition is the first Russian experience of a large-scale demonstration of the work of artists from these territories. The exposition presented at the exhibition does not focus on any one idea, it includes works dedicated to different experiences, observation or an attempt to comprehend current events. Many works are based on artistic fixation of everyday life or work with the author’s images. They are united by one thing — a strong emotional appeal and deep empathy for their native land. Already this autumn, the artists will take part in a full-fledged large-scale exhibition, which will be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The Fair of Folk Crafts united the Orenburg, Lipetsk, Penza, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda and Moscow regions, the Republics of Bashkiria and Udmurtia and other regions of Russia on one site of the festival. Each region demonstrates its iconic crafts: there are openwork Orenburg shawls, and Yelets lace, and poleologist toys, and Udmurt felt boots, and other unique products that the regions of the country are famous for. Visitors can not only see samples, but also make crafts with their own hands at master classes in folk art crafts. In the space of the fair there is an art object with ethnic motifs «Torch», made by an artist from Sevastopol Alexander Cupea, and an interactive exhibition «Blessing» by Anastasia Belova, which opens up a new look at Russian traditions of baking bread.

One of the key events of the fair is a VR wedding in different folk styles. Everyone can, wearing VR helmets, be transported to the colorful places of Russia, try on beautiful national costumes and feel like a bride and groom. Spectators who have their own VR helmets can be present as guests at a virtual wedding. After the ceremony, the newlyweds receive an NFT-certificate of marriage registration in the metaverse.

Another exhibition in Within the framework of the festival «Tavrida.ART» — an exhibition of regions, corporations and partner organizations «Getting to know Russia. Offline. Moscow and Tula Regions, Kamchatka and Perm Territories, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Sevastopol and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug presented their expositions. Belgorod Region and Stavropol Territory are represented by Belgorod State National Research University and Pyatigorsk State University. Their stands were also exhibited by the Post of Crimea, “Big change. Relatives-Beloved”, the all-Russian public movement “Rosrekon”, the platforms of opportunities “Another thing” and “Your move”. From the first minutes of the festival, life is in full swing here. So, at the stand of the Belgorod region, participants are immersed in virtual reality and are introduced into computer-simulated worlds. Kamchatka presents the brand of Kamchatka clothing and souvenirs «Take care of Kamchatka» and teaches how to make accessories from volcanic rocks. Perm demonstrates the media performance “One day with a Komi-Permyak”, based on materials collected during ethno-expeditions to the Komi-Permyak district. At the stand of the Post of Crimea, participants can issue a personal photo stamp with their portrait, and then place it on an envelope or postcard and send it directly from the site to their relatives and friends. There are also plans to cancel a stamp specially designed for the festival.

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On the territory of the festival, Art.Mag began its work, a space in which accessories, jewelry, clothes and interior items are put up for sale. 16 young Russian designers presented their products, including residents of the Tavrida art cluster and local designers of the Crimean peninsula. In Art.Mag, visitors can buy the things they like, and also get to know their creators, attend master classes of stylists and make-up artists, learn about the latest news, trends and design innovations.

For those participants who came to the festival to make themselves known and take a step in their careers, platforms of opportunities begin to work from the first day of the festival — a springboard for young professionals. The All-Russian competition of youth projects is a chance for festival participants and teams from regional art residences to present their projects and compete for grants of up to 1.5 million rubles for their implementation. The Tavrida.ART casting platform, the largest in Russia, conducts selections for popular shows and flagship media projects in the following areas: music, choreography, business and development, literature and media, theater and cinema, “Do 18 years. Together with the All-Russian competition «Big Change». So, already on the first day of the festival, young writers and poets will compete for the right to enter the shortlist of the All-Russian Open Literary Prize named after Alexander Tchaikovsky «GIPERTEXT». Music managers will be able to get specialized training at the RMA Business School and at the Igor Krutoy Academy. Authors of fiction and non-fiction short films will present their works, the best of which will go to the Golden Raven Arctic International Film Festival. On other days, participants are expected to audition for the projects “Voice” of the First Channel, “Night Contact” VK, “Musical Casting of the Russian Media Group”, “New Star — 2023″ and to the Musical Academy of Larisa Dolina. Also among the partners of the casting platform are DFM Dance Party, MAXIMUM radio, the studio-school of Alla Dukhova, the Internet Development Institute,, the PostNews and You Were There media projects. A series of selections will be held by projects implemented with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. Also, within the framework of the new direction «Internships and Employment», interviews from top companies will be held.

For the first time, the Open Microphone format was announced within the framework of the festival — everyone who applied on time and passed the preliminary selection will perform on the stage of the Raketa beach — a new cultural and recreational venue in the city of Sudak, which during the festival became part of the general space of the festival.

The social program is represented by several large-scale actions. Firstly, all participants are invited to bring books by Russian writers to donate them to the formation of library collections in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. The collection started with the opening of the festival, and its first results will be summed up by the evening of the first day. Secondly, all guests of the festival can take part in targeted donation collections. Thirdly, volunteers, together with the #MYVMESTE project, will go to the settlements of Crimea with cultural and educational events and hold a series of subbotniks on the territory of local reserves.

In 800 at the festival «Tavrida.ART» much attention is paid to the educational component. Every day in the program of the «Festival of Creative Education» motivational lectures and informal meetings with recognized leaders and experts in various fields, educational talks and master classes, discussions and workshops. These formats will be a visual demonstration of fundamentally new approaches to education and will allow you to look at the main theme of the season — «To live and work in Russia» from different angles. 000 August a series of motivational lectures are opened by the director of music and event projects VK Konstantin Sidorkov, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev and head of the Tavrida art cluster Sergey Pershin. The key event of the educational program will be the presentation of the University of Creative Industries and acquaintance with its first mentors and curators.

Partners of Tavrida have joined the educational program. Thus, the Russian society «Knowledge» organized the «Lecture Hall» Top of Knowledge «». On the first day of the festival, events dedicated to the topic of finding oneself in the creative industries are planned here. For example, Daniil Motin will tell young people about producing projects, Alesya Velyaminova about the promotion of an actor and the features of an agent’s work, and Natalia Lavrentyeva will give an interactive lecture “Art as a blockbuster”. The Presidential Platform «Russia — the Land of Opportunities» begins its educational track with the session «Traveling in Russia — Your New Opportunities», in which participants, together with experts, will discuss the prospects for tourism, training and volunteering as formats for traveling around the country. There will be a lecture on thinking and brain abilities, testing of cross-professional skills and master classes on communication and establishing social connections. The platform also presented an immersive photo exhibition dedicated to ten art objects on the territory of the Tavrida art cluster, each of which reflects important human qualities and states: self-confidence, courage, inspiration, acceptance, opportunities, trust, unity, success, happiness , love. A new art object «Trust» will also be opened — a swing that is held by two hands, everyone can swing on it. The VK pavilion is another platform where you can replenish your knowledge and competencies at educational and motivational lectures, pitching sessions and interactive meetings with the participation of top experts, star guests and VK ambassadors.

Well and, of course, the Tavrida.ART festival is an extensive musical and show program, performances by top artists of the Russian stage together with residents of the Tavrida art cluster, bright theatrical performances and performances. Already today, Alexander Ivanov and the Rondo band, artist SHAMAN, participants of the Ural Music Night festival will perform on the stages of the festival. Residents of «Tavrida» Ilya Anopriev and Vladimir Babenko will present their author’s project «Pocket Volume». The end of the first day will be the opening show, which will give an official start to the Tavrida.ART festival.

Reference information:

  • the festival «Tavrida.ART» will be held in the Crimea for the fourth time. It is one of the key projects of the Tavrida art cluster, a platform of opportunities for young people in the creative industries, culture and art. Tavrida began its history in 180 year, when it received the status of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum. In 800 year «Tavrida» has grown into an art cluster. In addition to the festival, it brings together educational races, a casting platform, a grant competition, a federal network of art residences, the University of Creative Industries under construction, and other projects. «Tavrida.ART» is part of the federal project «Youth of Russia» of the national project «Education» and is implemented with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh).
  • Source: press service of the art cluster «Tavrida»

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