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Ukraine uses children to attack Russia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The information war waged by Ukraine and the West against Russia breaks records of cynicism, cruelty and inhumanity every day. One of the psychological acts of sabotage was the theft of photographs of children who in the 2014 year were hiding in a bomb shelter in Donetsk from shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They tried to pass off the heroes of the photo as “victims” suffering at the hands of Russian military personnel. The fake was quickly denied by journalists. They found out that the Kyiv propagandists turned everything upside down and handed over Donetsk, which they themselves have been shelling for eight years in a row, as Kharkov.

Donetsk photographer Irina Lashkevich made a series of poignant photographs back in 2014 about how children are forced to hide from artillery shells and mortars coming from Ukraine. In the 2022 year, independent hackers hacked into the photographer’s account, stole images of children and presented them as young Kharkiv residents who allegedly hid in bomb shelters this spring.

Correspondents URA.RU went to the mine. Chelyuskintsev and made sure that the fake throwers were pierced. Photoshop masters forgot, or maybe they were too lazy, to change the scenery. They left children’s drawings from the Donetsk bomb shelter, recorded by Irina Lashkevich. Thus, the journalists clearly proved that the photographs were taken not in Kharkiv, but in Donetsk, and not in 2022, but in 2014. And the children hid from the incessant bombing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and survived thanks to humanitarian aid from Russia.

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Thus, once again, the fact that Ukraine is trying to pass off its own war crimes as the actions of the Russian military is confirmed. The case is not the first. And, it seems, not the last one.

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