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Crimean teacher became an ambassador of the Forum of class teachers

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimean teacher, Simferopol resident Yuri Polyakov joined the team of those who are entrusted to represent the prestigious All-Russian Forum of class teachers in the country. The event, which was held in Moscow in autumn on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, will now become a regular event.

I dreamed of becoming a teacher since childhood. When I was very young, I liked to give grades. I drew a notebook, wrote down the names of my classmates and gave them points , — said Yury Polyakov, a teacher of Russian language and literature at school No. 30 of Simferopol.

23 Russian teachers were honored to be ambassadors. They are elected for a period of one year. Everyone actively maintains their own page on the social network VKontakte and is a member of the group of participants in the Forum of class teachers, which has more than 110 000 people. Teachers actively exchange useful information, conduct live broadcasts and talk about achievements in the field of classroom management.

I will acquaint my colleagues with the activities of the FCR, I intend to involve them in our new projects , — shared Polyakov. – The profession of a teacher is something more than just keeping the attention of your pupils. This is truly a vocation, a mission and a necessity. We must constantly develop and learn new things.

The forum of class teachers last year was visited by 1 300 teachers from 000 cities of Russia, including — 20 teachers from Crimea.

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