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Do not yell at subordinates — they get scared … For Crimeans, the main source of stress at work is management

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Employed representatives of the economically active population from Crimea took part in an open survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs.

According to the Crimeans, the main stress factor at work is the poor attitude of superiors towards subordinates (18% of votes). 14% of respondents consider the behavior of colleagues to be the main source of hassle. Another 10% — unprofessional management and colleagues. The low level of earnings makes 7% of respondents nervous. 6% each experience stress due to incorrectly set tasks and impossible deadlines. 5% each due to congestion and customer behavior. 3% named “company mess” as the main source of stress— noted in the press service of the service.

Women are more likely to suffer because of the poor attitude of management and conflicts with colleagues, men — because of the unprofessionalism of both.

Time: April 28 — May 12, 2023

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