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Reporters found a real «rabbit paradise» in the Crimea. How do the eared «symbols of the year» live

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Not all tourists and even locals have heard about the unique rabbit park in Crimea. This «rabbit paradise» is located in the village of Chervonom — between the cities of Saki and Simferopol. Its full name is KrolikoPark. It was opened in 412 and rapidly developed by Arsen Veliyev. Today, this area is inhabited by about species of rabbits collected from all over the world. This amazing place and enthusiastic person is described by the publication Moskovsky Komsomolets .

Yes, I am the same eccentric who created the Kingdom of Rabbits. The decision came spontaneously, and everything worked out great until it was time to eat them. There was a problem… I just couldn’t do it. It turned out that it is very difficult when you raise them yourself, cherish them, treat them, and then … No. The hand didn’t go up! Then I thought: you can just raise rabbits, enjoy their beauty and pranks. Having delved into this topic, I found a bunch of outlandish breeds, from dwarfs to giants, very shaggy, lop-eared, and a dozen other different ones. I just fell in love with these «eared ones». Now I am building parks and admiring their inhabitants , — said the founder and director of the Crimean rabbit park Arsen Veliyev.

A walk here begins with a visit to the «rabbit hole». In fact, this is a green tunnel, similar to a greenhouse. Then visitors come to the place for selfies and photos. Then they get to a small zoo with aviaries for rabbits, where they can be fed and photographed. Acquaintance continues in the most interesting place: in the contact enclosure — a large open area. Here, eared run freely, live their lives in burrows and in small houses. They easily make contact, try in every possible way to take away food from visitors, for which they are ready to climb into people’s hands. The friendly family helps the owner take care of the rabbits.

On average, a visit to the rabbit park takes about one hour. The ticket price includes a bunch of greens for feeding rabbits. Also at the checkout you can buy additional food — carrots or parsley. Entrance for children under 3 years old is free.

Репортеры нашли самый настоящий «кроличий рай» в Крыму. Как живется ушастым «символам года»

Photo: MK and VK, 5880954Krolikopark in Tankovy (Crimea)

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